Eva Says You’re My Dad, A True Story

From the author: This was the most incredible journey I’ve ever experienced. Without the grace of God, there is no way I would have pursued it much less survived it. I hope it will encourage you to face your fears and trust God! So many times I’ve heard the stories about reunions gone badly, but I was determined to find my dad and God was determined to show me His undying love throughout my pursuit. I hope you enjoy my story, and may God truly bless you.

Poetry’s Elite, the Best Poems and Poets of 2000

The publication of Poetry's Elite, The Best Poems and Poets of 2000 was made possible by the efforts of many individuals, judges, editors, assistant editors, customer service representatives, graphic artist, layout artist, office administrators, data entry staff, and mail room personnel. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of these people for their time and hard work; without which this book would not have been possible.

-Kate Meagher, Editor

The Best Poems and Poets of 2001

Throughout Life, we store information collected from experiences and try in some way to make sense of it. When we are not able to fully understand the things that occur in our lives, we externalize the information. By doing this, we afforded a different perspective, thus allowing us to think more clearly about difficult or perplexing events or emotions. Art is one of the ways in which people choose to externalize their thoughts.

The Poetry within The Best Poems & Poets of 2001 is from every point on the spectrum: every topic, every intention, every event or emotion imaginable.

-Melissa S, Mitchell, Senior Editor

A Reflection of Me, a collection of original poems

Note from the Author

My poems, hmmm, where do I begin? Well, I have always liked to rhyme.  I can remember way back when my mother would beg me to stop rhyming.  I would always answer back in rhyme.  She would just breathe deeply and roll her eyes. Giggle.

Although not all my poems are rhythmic, that does tend to be my favorite.  I began rhyming at a young age, but I did not start collecting them until after I was married.  Then when I became a mother-well, that speaks for itself, right?  I mean with motherhood comes pain, grief, sorrow, laughter, pride, giddiness; all sorts of emotions in which to write.

-Faith E Richardson

Details Matter

“FAAAAITH! I had a plan for what I wanted to get done today but you're just sucking me in! This book needs to be in the waiting room of every doctor's office when people are waiting for what could potentially be bad news. Just sayin'.” – Courtney Weir

“Your word choices are well chosen, and the story is lovely as is the cover your brother designed.” –Cheryl Freeman

“You make me want to come to Pagosa to buy flowers.” –Kristie Wright, Christian Faith Publishing, Literary Agent

“Welcome to The Wildflower. A real shop in a real town with real customers. God worked in mysterious and wonderful ways to touch lives there. Faith shares amazing stories from the flower shop in Details Matter. Her book is delightful and inspiring.” --Helene Smith

“Faith, so glad that you documented these “fingerprints of God”.  They are great reminders that He has the hairs on our heads numbered, and He knows when a sparrow falls.  He is so trustworthy with every detail of our lives and those details certainly matter!” –Annie Weir

The Cow Spoke and Jesus Woke

“As we think about Christmas each year, how many of us really feel in our hearts what it means to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus? Have we lost that childlike faith and Christmas has just become another holiday?

Many times, as a Worship Pastor I feel like I need to hit the reset button and gain a freshness that I am missing in my worship!

Faith Richardson’s story, "The Cow Spoke and Jesus Woke", gives us that fresh new outlook on Jesus' birth. Your kids will love it, and it will be a great way to teach them the story of Jesus' birth and why he came to earth.

Hopefully, through it, you will gain a new perspective and excitement about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!” -Bart Mitchell

“What a fun story and a great way to introduce our young ones to the newborn Savior—through the eyes of a calf!

Enjoy this book with your children and grandchildren as they learn about the Creator who came to earth as the newborn King to save those who would believe.

It could be the beginning of a very important conversation!” -Pastor Jon Duncan

Author Read Aloud for Mrs. Stretton's kindergarten class.

Adventures of a horse names, George.

The Adventures of a Horse Named George is a collection of charming stories for ages 8-80. Multiple authors have contributed tales built on fundamental life truths written around a swayback Appaloosa named George and his best friend, a white miniature horse named Nancy.
George's adventures promise smiles and tears, with a tiny bit of scary, and a lot of laughter.

It was quite a journey and I'm blessed to be a part of this group of very talented authors.

Lynn Moffett did a wonderful job compiling them into one collection!

In the works

  • Five Unexpected Women Chosen to Change Eternity, A collection of Monologues - coming soon
  • Metaphorically Speaking, a collection of short stories written in metaphors - in the works
  • Untitled, Supernatural Detectives (Fiction) - in the works