Inspirational Speaker

“I have known Faith since she was a teenager. I have watched her grow into an amazing woman of God. So, back in 2012, when it was time for me to find a speaker for our church’s annual “Princess Banquet”, I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect.  I was the youth pastor at the time, and this was a banquet we put on every year, to honor teen girls, ages 12-18. This banquet was designed to promote purity and self-worth.  To encourage and affirm and treat them like a “Princess.”  We had the men in our church escort the ladies into a beautiful banquet room, seat them and serve them a beautiful dinner. 

Knowing Faith for so long, and some of her testimony, I felt she was the perfect person to speak that year. She had just released her book, Eva Say’s You’re My Dad. A true story of her journey to find her birth father.  Faith went above and beyond to make that night special for about 50 young teenage ladies. She provided books and CDs for the girls and really spoke from her heart giving her testimony about her childhood and the journey God had taken her through. She did not disappoint. 

After the banquet, I had so many different people approach me regarding Faith’s presentation. Some were the teenagers, some were the ladies who were there staffing the banquet, and even some of the moms of the girls told me what an impact Faith’s testimony made on their daughter’s lives. They were touched and encouraged by her story. That was our 5th and final Princess Banquet, and it was by far the most memorable one. Thank you, Faith, for making such an impact on so many.”

-Sherrie Limitone, Ministry Leader

Worship in ASL

“Faith makes my heart sing every time I’m around her. Her sincerity in worship is absolutely infectious and brings everyone else into the presence of God with her. She signs from the heart, and it is a heart that knows Jesus and makes you want to know her Jesus the way she does. She has a way of looking at the world and seeing God at work where others see nothing worthy of notice and a way of putting what she sees into words that paint a picture for those of us usually blind to such things. God gave me a gift when He made her my friend and prayer warrior. I hope everyone on this site is as blessed by her as I have been.                                                                                 

  -Courtney Wier, Author, Livingthetruth.org

Worship in ASL

“When Faith Richardson holds up her hands and the music begins, the angels in heaven sing along. Faith uses her gift of signing in ASL to open a mute world of lyrics and music to those who are impaired.  My eyes are on Faith as the choir sings. Anointed by God, Faith brings the audience to their feet in praise.”

-Betty J. Slade, Author, Columnist, Artist. bettyjslade.com

Worship in ASL

“I had the humble pleasure, for a few years, of singing next to this beautiful soul as she signed our songs. She is light and love and a joy to watch. Hope this blesses you too! You speak Jesus boldly Faith Richardson ! Love this!”

-April Hiser, Member of the worship team at CenterPoint Church, Pagosa.

Worship in ASL

"Can you imagine worshipping side by side with Faith on Sunday mornings?!  That’s the blessing I have as we serve together on the Centerpoint worship team. I have a hard time keeping my eyes on my music….  I want to watch Faith!  Her joy and love for Jesus just overflows as she signs.  It is contagious and elevates my personal worship!!!!!!  What a gift."

- Annie Wier, Member of the worship team at CenterPoint Church, Pagosa.


"Another gift that Faith has is creating unique signs.  I have purchased so many that I have lost count.  My husband is a wood worker and throws cut pieces of wood in the burn pile.  We call Faith and tell her to come rummage through the pile before burn day.  I am amazed at what we consider trash, she considers treasures.  It is so fun to see Jesus Christ shine through Faith in soooooo many ways."

-Annie Wier, Happy Customer


I have known Faith for thirty-five years. She is one of the most genuine, loving, and beautiful souls I know. She has been a faith servant of God as long as I can remember. She remained faithful even through her struggle of finding her birth father. She trusted Him to lead her and comfort her during her search and reunion.

Her book, Eva Says, You're My Dad, shows her transparency and honesty about her journey and all it taught her. She was able to unite with her dad and newfound family and cultivate relationships with them. They are so blessed to have Faith in their lives as I am. Her story is beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story with the world and God bless you and your family all the days ahead.

-Leslie Williams, Victims Advocate, Friend